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~ Oneness is the only Truth.
It is all we need.
Ascension is continuously
being in Oneness ~
































About LightTools

In 2007 Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt were approached by Masters of an high and beautiful Sphere of Light to create energy tools in which crystals, minerals, sacred geometry and for instance symbols, would play an important role. They were inspired to call them ‘LightTools’ *)

Nowadays the naming LightTools or ‘Lichtinstrumenten’ in Dutch, is known by many when it comes to all kinds of products that radiate energy.
Here we mean by LightTools, LightTools for Oneness®.

Wat is a LightTool?

A LightTools for Oneness® Instrument is a Portal through which continuously Light (= energy = vibration) from the Field of Oneness is being attracted, clustered and radiated out.
She is like a conduit of energy and creates from her function as being so an harmonizing, healing energy field through which energy is arranged, vitalized and brought into balance.
When you are in the vicinity of a LightTool, you are invited to open up your energy field to the energy vibration of the Instrument and will thus be invited to ground the vibration of this Tool of Light in yourself.
This process always throws light on that what may be more enlightened in ourselves. Choosing to be accompanied by a LightTool is a wonderful choice for positive change.

LightTools for Oneness® also harmonize negative energies from our environment like negatively charged emotions and feelings from others, man-made radiation, harmful electro-magnetic fields and geopathic stress (water veins, fault lines and terrestrial radiation).

How is the Portal function of a LightTools for Oneness® Instrument initiated?

Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt received early 2012 from a Dimension of Light the Blueprint for the creation of an energetic Portal.
Once activated it would connect through Jeroen and Gerlinde to the already before this life created LightTools for Oneness® Trainer in this Dimension of Light.
In 2012 the Portal took on its physical form.
This Portal and the Trainer act as transmitters of High frequencies of Light into LightTools of the purest material with their own design in geometry. They are composed of pure mineralized Crystal glass and handmade with love.
Each LightTools for Oneness® Instrument goes through an initiating process through the Portal, via Jeroen and Gerlinde, to the LightTools for Oneness® Trainer and is connected, the energetic Blueprint changed, and sealed in an energetic connection with Cosmic Light in the Field of Oneness.

LightTools in the moment that is now

The time in which we live and travel to is a special time.
At intervals we experience cosmic radiation from solar activity, solar storms, planetary alignments and unusual natural and cosmic events, as well as the earth’s labor pains on her way to her new frequency reality.
We have the great opportunity to journey along in the ever-increasing frequency on earth to live even more from the higher consciousness of our Essence.
The arranging and frequency increasing function of LightTools for Oneness®, creates a stable energy field in which one knows himself protected whilst going through the required ascension transformations on a way to live from one’s Essence in Oneness.

In the sometimes tumultuous waves of life within and around us, it is always an higher consciousness in communion with our Divine Essence, that grounds us relaxed in every now-moment and makes us always feel protected and loved.
The LightTools for Oneness® LightTools are brought in right at this time to earth to help us in the most lightest way to align with living in Oneness.
They help us to ground and hold more Light (= consciousness). This allows us to better integrate the energy of this time and the time we are traveling to. As well to transform us living a more authentic, joyful, harmonious and successful life.
Not just for ourselves. But from our Essence to everyone with whom we are. In Oneness.

LightTools for Oneness® are Portals of Light, so the Instruments are not charged and can never go empty.
They will always keep their function of attracting energy from the Field of Oneness an radiating it out, and will not take over energies from the wearer or its environment.
LightTools for Oneness® need therefore not be energetically cleared, charged or cleansed.


*) Read more about Jeroen and Gerlinde Schilt's first LightTool-line Ethereal Art at ‘About LFO '